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Amobee Opens New Chapter of Convergence with 4Screen Solution

by Amobee, January 03, 2020
Amobee launches new era of convergence with 4Screen Solution

On Thursday, December 12th, we were thrilled to team with Nielsen to introduce our new Amobee 4Screen solution to a packed room of more than 80 media and marketing industry executives. Amobee 4Screen is a groundbreaking suite of converged planning, activation and attribution solutions driven by the strategic integration of Nielsen panel insights with Gracenote’s ACR data.

Philip Smolin, our Chief Strategy Officer, kicked off the morning with an overview of the evolution of data and media from traditional linear TV to today’s highly fragmented content ecosystem. With a focus on consumer audience measurement, Philip cited the pivotal role of Nielsen demographics in the evolution of advertising, and specifically how mapping them to Gracenote Smart TV viewership data solves for one of today’s toughest marketing challenges — understanding, planning for, activating on, and measuring connected TV audiences. 

Our audience was then treated to a Fireside Chat with Nielsen’s Kelly Abcarian, General Manager of Video, Advanced Advertising, and Joanna O’Connell, Forrester Research’s Principal Analyst serving B2C Marketers. Kelly shared Nielsen’s perspective on the integration of its panel demographics into ACR viewership data as a major milestone in completing the circle of measurement across all four sets of screens: linear TV; desktop / laptop; smartphones and tablets; and now connected TV (CTV). Among other notable quotes, Kelly proclaimed: 

“Next year will be the year of addressability. Together with Amobee, we’re setting the underpinnings to support that innovation.”

Finally, we were joined by a robust panel representing the full range of media and marketing industry perspectives, adding three more speakers to the mix, including: Brad Feinberg, Vice President of Media & Consumer Engagement at MillerCoors; Nick Hartofilis, Executive Vice President of National Video Investment at Zenith and Audrey Steele, Executive Vice President of Sales Research Insights & Strategy at Fox Corporation. A wide range of related topics were addressed including innovations in TV viewership data, privacy, and customer data overall; the evolution of the upfronts and newfronts; and the testing and adoption of Advanced TV approaches such as data-driven linear, and continued need for workflow automation and holistic, cross-screen platforms. 

Among the notable quotes, Brad made clear how much brands’ organizational structures have been shifting to accommodate the fragmentation of media and need to plan, activate, and measure holistically, 

“There is no digital team anymore. We are working holistically across all media.” 

And Audrey spoke to the complexity that media fragmentation and the resulting desire to unify planning, buying, and allocation has brought to the supply side of the marketplace. 

“It’s not the same upfront that it was in years past. The deals are much more complex and intricate.” 

New Capabilities through Amobee 4Screen

Thanks to the launch of this new solution, Nielsen’s scientific and MRC-approved panel-based demographics can now be applied to audiences across connected TVs (CTV). When combined with our proprietary device graph and activated through the Amobee platform, we will be  delivering a suite of new converged capabilities through Amobee 4Screen, including:

Converged planning of CTV, digital and linear advertising

Converged measurement across all four screens 

  • Linear TV
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Mobile/tablet
  • Connected TV

Holistic mapping of media investment to business outcomes

For the buy-side, this gives brands and agencies: 

  • Deduplicated reach and frequency across all screens
  • KPI-based investment (aka the ability to map cross-screen media investment to such business outcomes as online conversions, site and store visits, and sales lift)
  • The actionable insights they need to reallocate spend to maximize impact

For the sell-side, this gives broadcasters and programmers the ability to: 

  • Support advertisers’ desire for data-driven buying / advanced audience targeting across all screens
  • Measure (for advertisers) their ability to deliver return on ad spend (ROAS) across all screens (deduplicated reach and frequency)
  • Package & price their audiences holistically across all screens to optimize yield

To learn more about Amobee 4Screen, you can find the Amobee team at CES in Booth CS-2 in the Mariposa Ballroom, Level 2. Don’t miss our high-impact Future of TV experience, and click below to book your meeting and demo appointment with Amobee from Jan. 7-9. 

Also, catch us on stage at 4 p.m. on Wednesday as we talk more about our partnership with Nielsen and what it means for the converging world — and stick around for Happy Hour from 5-6 p.m. 



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