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Amobee Takes Action on COVID-19

by Amobee, March 16, 2020
Amobee takes action on COVID-19

Given the spread of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to keeping the public informed as to the measures they can take to help prevent the spread of the virus. To that end, we have created a COVID-19 PSA campaign to combat misinformation. The series of banner ads, pictured below, feature a simple call-to-action linking consumers to the Centers for Disease Control’s dedicated site on the virus. 

Join Us in Combating Misinformation

We invite our partners, customers, and industry peers to contribute to the campaign by emailing us at

Supporting Our Customers, Partners and Employees

Through the global pandemic, Amobee and our nearly 900 global employees continue to serve marketers, media owners, and a wide array of partners across the ecosystem. We have taken all Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization recommended measures to protect our employees, including — where relevant, such as in the U.S. — mandating that they work from home for effective social distancing.

Amobee’s robust technology and services teams, and data centers, are dispersed globally. We are able to operate our daily business while working from home by remaining well-connected and using some of the most sophisticated engineering and productivity tools in the industry. We remain customer-focused, honoring our delivery times and service level commitments.

For our advertising clients, we have always made it easy to control what content their advertising appears based on customized contextual targeting. For several weeks now, this has included the option to control proximity to news stories on the pandemic. To better support our customers and partners, Amobee is waiving the fee on this COVID-19-based targeting control, making it available for either suppression or direct targeting use cases.  

In addition, many marketers are using our Brand Intelligence toolset to analyze digital content engagement and consumer sentiment to understand the topics and trends with which audiences are engaging and how their brands should respond. If you are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on your brand or advertising investment and wish to leverage Brand Intelligence to understand changes in consumer sentiment, please contact your Amobee account team. Powered by Brand Intelligence, a high-level North American trends analysis is available at no charge. For more information please email us at

How The Pandemic is Affecting Media + Marketing

The internet, and media in general, is a necessary tool for sharing information in times like these. Advertising powers much of this media and it is important to continue to support the ecosystem that provides essential access to news and information. Through close communication with our customers, we know that thoughtful consideration around how to approach marketing during this time is top of mind for all.

To that point, our data centers are seeing approximately 10 percent more ad opportunities week-over-week globally. COVID-19-related news has driven an increase in content creation, which now comprises 40 percent of content consumption in the U.S. Other sources report, for example, that in Italy, the pandemic and resulting social distancing has resulted in a 70 percent increase in web traffic overall.

Finally, many of this year’s television advertising upfront presentations by broadcasters have been converted into virtual events, and there is no indication that the upfront or commitment to spend are being negatively impacted. While the industry as a whole will experience the decline of live sports and live entertainment inventory, we anticipate an overall increase of ad inventory for all forms of video. This will include linear, connected TV and online video, which should more than compensate for any ratings losses given the volume of people staying home for social distancing.

Moving Forward

Amobee believes that advertising has a place in driving the economy forward, inclusive of keeping individuals employed and commerce flowing. At Amobee, our goal is to be consultative and a resource to assist our clients. We support the decision by some of our clients to change their strategies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are dedicated to providing analytics and media tools to plan the best approach for each unique situation. 

As always, if you have questions about COVID-19, we remind you to visit the official site. We wish you and yours good health!

Source: Amobee’s Brand Intelligence service.


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