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Holiday Marketing Strategies: Launch Early & Focus on Mobile

by Amobee, July 13, 2016

It’s a little too early to hear Jingle Bells in every store, but brands and their agencies are starting to plan their marketing strategies for the holiday season. Considering that over $600B in consumer spending is up for grabs (National Retail Federation), it’s crucial for advertisers to effectively understand their audience, and know when and where to reach them.

Before deciding what messaging and features to use, brands need to prioritize mobile, which plays a crucial role for holiday shoppers who are researching, browsing, and shopping from multiple devices. Activity on Cyber Monday continues to grow each year. In the week leading up to Christmas, U.S. retailers receive more traffic from mobile devices than desktop (IBM Online Holiday Shopping Recap Report 2015). Successful campaigns will incorporate features like maps, store locators, and product feeds to make it easy for potential customers to find the perfect gift and make a purchase.

To increase the likelihood that ads resonate with consumers, ad messages should be placed near relevant content that consumers are already engaging with; this tactic is especially important when you consider that contextually relevant ads boost purchase intent by 63% (ZEFR/IPG Media Labs). Using data* from Amobee Brand Intelligence, which analyzes over 60 billion consumer digital content engagements across web, mobile social, and video per day, the following topics emerge as most important to consumers preparing for the holidays:

  • Gifts that cater to interests of family and friends, like neat freaks, chocolate lovers, and wine aficionados
  • While gift cards and cash are perennial favorites, personal electronics including headphones, wearable tech, and gaming systems are at the top of many shoppers lists
  • Setting holiday budgets, figuring out how much to tip in holiday gift cash, and managing finances with credit counseling and debt restructuring

By utilizing effective data-driven targeting strategies and high impact creative features your brand can become top of mind among shoppers this holiday season.

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*Amobee Brand Intelligence data reflects Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 2015


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