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How to Reach Your Audiences in the Most Efficient Way Possible

by Amobee, January 23, 2017

Every marketer knows that successfully selling a product relates to how many people in your target audience see your message, and having a system in place to give you that scale is incredibly important.

But, like any hot commodity, data is subject to market forces. For marketers, this means that you’re paying a lot for good data, but other people are, too. In order to execute a campaign that is rooted in accurate data then, you have to pay a lot and you’ll often find that your competitors are using the same information, making things more competitive, and therefore more expensive. Moreover, your campaigns are constrained because you’re working off a relatively small data sample.

You could consider it a double tax, since you’re paying a lot for data and competition that will greatly hamper your scale.

Using our new audience targeting tool, users are able to define their age and gender target audience and let the system automatically achieve specified thresholds. Forecasting and Nielsen-validation reporting is also included, allowing for comparison with TV campaigns. This directly aligns to the specific goals of the video buyer by providing the means to reach their target audiences at scale in a cost-efficient way.

Rather than forcing marketers to buy data from each vendor along with their competitors, we find new dimensions on which to estimate age and gender, effectively decreasing the competition and increasing scale for our customers. Marketers might note that the data market is the opposite of The Lending Tree’s long-running tagline that “when banks compete, you win.” Here, you lose.

A Double Whammy of Goodness

For marketers tired of such flim-flam, we offer an alternative. Let’s say you want 50% of your campaign impressions to reach your target demographic. A combination of third-party targeting data and historical site performance data may help reach your goal, but not at the scale you need. We can find users and inventory beyond what can be identified through this methodology. You may not have competition for this inventory (or users) because others might not know the same information you know. This is a double whammy of goodness because you’re getting less competition and more scale.

To take a step back, the idea behind demographic (age/gender) targeting is that you’re going after large groups of people. If you’re going after 18-24 year-old men, for instance, the way you go about it is by using third-party data. But most third-party data is very constrained in scale. So you’ll get 18-24 year-old men, but not nearly as many as you might hope for.

With our system, we’re able to broaden that scale greatly by using signals like sites visited, a multitude of pre-indexed targeting segments and context to predict whether users fit this demo.

Marketers who want to get maximum scale and value from video have a choice: pay more for your data or get smart about it and break away from your competition.

For more, see our announcement on our new video tools and our post on multiple-goal optimization.


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