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Marketers Find True DMP Value Is in the Insights

by Amobee, October 26, 2016

This week, Turn launched the Advanced Audience Insights solution, the first of our new marketing analytics capabilities powered by our data management platform (DMP). These tools massively multiply the return on investment in digital advertising – data and insights help more effectively target campaigns, but they also spin off incredible insights that transform clients’ marketing and business operations.

Here’s a refresher: a DMP enables you to centralize all your customer and marketing data under one roof so you can analyze that data, derive insights and take action based on those insights. A DMP basically helps you make informed business and marketing decisions backed by data and analytics. Let’s dig in a bit more.

You start with centralizing all your customer and marketing data, including first-party data such as web properties, mobile apps, CRM, etc; second-party data, which is data owned by outside publishers and brands; and third-party data, which is typically collected and offered by data aggregators. Collecting and enriching your data brings you the most holistic view of your customers.

Now you can start analyzing that data to see trends and derive actionable insights, which helps you to know your customers at a deeper level: who they are and how to enhance their experience every time they interact with your brand. Running this analysis on your own can be difficult. That’s why we launched our advanced audience insights solution, using the power of data clustering to identify unique sub-groups within your customer base. Think of it as way to generate your marketing personas in real-time instead of having to rely on focus groups, which take time and quickly become outdated.

Once you understand your customers and their different personas, you can start to make better informed business and marketing decisions, from tweaking or creating new products to building unique messaging or positioning that resonates which each group across your content, email, social and advertising efforts.

For example, by leveraging this solution, a global automaker uncovered that the most relevant customers for their hybrid cars were relocating executives. In light of this analysis, the brand is looking into creating a more luxurious experience in future models. They also found that Android users were the group most interested in their pickup trucks so the automaker shifted their messaging from iPhone to include Bluetooth features.

Understanding your customers is only the first step. As you start taking action across your business and marketing you will need to understand what’s working so you can repeat it, and what’s not working so you can change it. In the near future we’ll roll out a full slate of analytics solutions to help our global brand and agency customers make the most out of the insights they glean from all of their digital marketing investments.


About Amobee

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