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Marketing to Millennials: Opportunities for CPG

by Amobee, December 01, 2015

As a group just entering their prime purchasing stages, millennials are very appealing to marketers. But there’s more to the story than just “millennials at large.” Millennials aren’t a monolithic bloc of 20-to-30-somethings. There are plenty of highly-specific groups within this demographic, and just as many highly-specific ways of connecting with them. We took a broad selection of millennials and analyzed various traits – are they homeowners? what’s their income level? do they fall into certain lifestyle segments as defined by open-market data? [You can see the infographic and video on the research here.]

Our analysis revealed that there are four distinct sub-groups within the broader audience of millennials, characterized by shared interests, similar income levels, political affinity, and so on. These groups are:

  • Active Affluents – filled with families, including many new parents, these millennials are outdoorsy, fit foodies with a love for leisure travel.
  • Comfortable TV Watchers – whether it’s drama, sports or news, this group loves their TV; they’re also more likely to vote Republican than Democrat.
  • Struggling Aspirationals – green, healthy and fit, these millennials love good food and are always on the lookout for bargains and deals.
  • Successful Homeowners – these folks have the highest income among millennials and are the most likely to own property.

Once we identified the 4 audience clusters, we looked at how marketers across different industries were spending in order to reach these groups – and some interesting insights emerged. Let’s take the CPG industry, for example. Marketers in CPG are spending heavily on millennials vs. non-millennials, even more so than in other industries. As a group millennials are beginning the prime spending stages of their lives, and the data shows that CPG advertisers are tapping in to that.

But while CPG is spending heavily across the board, there is a real opportunity to increase spend on Active and Affluent families. These are people entering new life phases where they will start to form distinctive, long-term habits around the products they purchase. It’s the perfect opportunity for CPG brands to engage consumers that potentially can form a life-long affinity.

Kraft is a great example of a company that has put data at the core of their marketing efforts, and as a result have redefined the way that they engage with their audiences. But don’t just take it from us – hear from Kraft directly about how they redefined their content strategy and creative to better engage millennials, based on insights from first and third party data.


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