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Now is the Time to Transform Insights into Action

by Amobee, March 07, 2016

I’ve made clear that brands and agencies are telling me an omnichannel media and data management strategy are critical to owning the future of marketing. But all of this technology and the years we’ve spent proselytizing a programmatic future don’t matter at all if they don’t deliver value – and that value comes in the form of insights. It is a huge shortcoming of our industry: for all the investment and efforts putting programmatic technology into place, marketers are still just not getting the insights out the other side that they need. Without a robust reporting and analytics strategy, digital advertising is simply targeting ads without learning anything from the outcome.

This is the next big revolution for programmatic. We are providing unparallelled access to reach consumers wherever they are, now let’s figure out exactly what is working and why. Everyone knows that there is waste in marketing, whether as part of broad campaigns (think an American Idol spot) or ad blindness or simply poor timing – but the reason advertising spend keeps growing is we know it works. Everyone is held accountable and must justify their budgets and I believe that as technology evolves, it will help eliminate this waste. It sounds basic, but it comes down to knowing what worked, what didn’t, and putting that back into action.

When I joined Turn this fall, I spoke with 20 of our top customers and I asked each why they chose Turn. The key factor cited by almost all was the power of Datamine, our analytics technology. When I dug in further and asked what about our analytics led them to this decision, a number of them referenced a specific report on CPM, frequency and sequencing. It was kind of amazing that in late 2015 these innovative, top-of-class marketers found a report like this – providing a notion of what kind of sequencing works best – to be such a revelation.

It’s a powerful report because it gives insights into what worked, why and how – insights that can immediately be put back into action, improving the marketer’s decisions about what to do next after every consumer moment. Our entire technology offering is built around a system – the Turn ID – that stores event-level data about every interaction that can be accessed in real-time. This  allows us to ask the question, “what worked?,” and immediately put the answer to work making our models, our decisioning, and ultimately your marketing smarter.

Our vision at Turn is to build a machine that “automagically” knows the next best action for a marketer to take. I think that’s a technological mission worthy of the next five years and beyond, and I’m confident that our team here is up to the task.


About Amobee

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