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Snapshot 2016: Gardens to the Front

by Amobee, January 07, 2016

As data fanatics here at Turn, we know that sometimes visualizing information in a different way can reveal new insights. As part of the annual pre-holiday prediction season, we asked Turn experts to contribute their thoughts on the changes and trends that they expect will define marketing in 2016. Individually, these ranged from the dire need to tackle impression quality (see yesterday’s post!) to programmatic connecting better with the creative side of the advertising house, the evolving relationship between ad tech and the broader marketing technology ecosystem.

But when looked at in aggregate, another theme emerged as a common thread: the ad industry’s relationship with walled garden players.

Combining the conversations I’ve had over the past several weeks about these predictions, some key elements of the walled garden discussions jumped out at me. Everyone knows video is the future (and the present?) and as consumer consumption continues to change and the unbundling process continues, non-traditional content creators (Amazon, Netflix, and the like) will take a bigger share of the pie – which is bound to have implications for media buyers, as the media fragmentation escalates.

At the same time, big “walled garden” players such as Facebook, Google, AOL, Twitter, and so on will look to premium video and exclusive content to continue their quest to become the conduit between brands and customers, positioning the tech platforms as the direct relationship holder.

Finally, Privacy is a concern across the digital industry. As consumers and advertisers alike are getting increasingly savvy about the distinctions between 1st and 3rd party relationships and what those imply about IDs and privacy, Google, Facebook and other walled gardens using consumer email addresses to connect and move data and information between anonymous and known worlds may come under closer examination.


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