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Turning the Tide on Misinformation with Data + Technology

by Amobee, June 06, 2022
Turning the Tide on Misinformation with Data + Technology

What does it take to successfully combat misinformation online in today’s media landscape? Data from Amobee shows that public opinion is not a fixed state, even when it comes to something as hotly debated as the COVID-19 vaccines.

In a recent partnership with creative firm Ampersand Strategies and global media organization Fortune Media, Amobee found that COVID-19 vaccine advertising campaigns can drive a significant reduction in vaccine misinformation and hesitancy among minority groups.

Here’s how the partnership came together: when vaccine rates in key Georgia counties were at an all-time low, Ampersand Strategies and Fortune Media partnered to distribute COVID-19 vaccine education programs. The program aimed to increase vaccination rates among minorities in the area, combat vaccine misinformation, and shift where this audience was consuming media on COVID-19 vaccines. The two companies tapped Amobee experts for insight on the types of messaging that would resonate the most with their audience, as well as to create and distribute online video through custom audience segmentation.

So, how did Amobee’s partnership with Ampersand Strategies and Fortune Media achieve this? And what does it mean for other organizations looking to disrupt the flow of misinformation online?

Leveraging Data to Understand What Motivates Audiences

Amobee leveraged its Brand Intelligence (BI) solution to analyze billions of digital content engagement to understand pre- and post-campaign shifts in media consumption. A BI data analysis revealed that the content that resonated most across all demographics are stories with vaccine information for families and children. BI’s comprehensive data also determined Hispanic populations consume the most misinformation in Spanish.

Using Technology to Reach Audiences with Better Messaging

By leveraging its proprietary first-party data insight, Amobee was able to provide market insights for Ampersand Strategies to create online videos with new messaging. Furthermore, Amobee’s technology was used throughout the campaign to help with activation and optimize the impact overall. As a result:

The consumption of questionable and extreme content decreased by 66.67%
The consumption of factual and unbiased publishers increased by 32.08%
Research showed a 12.5% increase in consumption of moderate bias

Data + Technology to Disrupt Disinformation

The campaign was so effective that it was recognized by the prestigious Reed Awards this year for Innovation in Online Measurement.

“It is crucial for vaccine educators to understand the consumption patterns of target audiences to implement effective messaging that will minimize racial and cultural disparities in vaccination rates,” says Tonia Robinson, a senior analyst here at Amobee. “This data will help vaccine education programs understand the importance of key messaging and how to best frame it to evoke an emotional response in core audiences, ultimately leading to decreased vaccine hesitancy.”

Amobee believes this project also shows promise for the broader effort to combat misinformation online. The tide of misinformation is an ever-growing problem that is impacting issues across industries and demographics. If organizations want to disrupt that flow of misinformation and impact public opinion, they need two things: deep data analysis that can reveal what motivates the audience, and the right technology to help them reach that audience and distribute messaging effectively and at scale.


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