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Why Jack Bamberger Picked the Company Leading the TV-Digital Future

by Amobee, July 01, 2020
leading the tv-digital future

The Amobee Team would like to officially welcome Jack Bamberger to our global family of hardworking, passionate ad tech innovators. Jack comes from an extremely diverse and creative professional background that spans digital and linear media and includes key leadership roles at Verizon/AOL, WPP/GroupM, Dentsu, Meredith Corp., Time Warner, and Interpublic Group — including building a business with social media innovator Ashton Kutcher in 2009-2010.

In his role as our Chief Commercial Officer, Jack leads enterprise platform, television, social and email sales, marketing, business development, data and analytics, solutions engineering, and our international markets. And if that isn’t enough, read on for more about Jack, why he chose Amobee over other ad-tech companies, and how he’s surviving and thriving during Covid-19.

Having been in advertising for most of your career, how do you see Covid-19 influencing our industry over the coming year?

I see Covid as an opportunity for strategic courage. The choices leaders make in this environment have the opportunity to create extraordinary change in defining a better future for our industry — and hopefully for our world.

What made you choose Amobee over other ad tech companies in the space, and what are you most excited about in these first six months?

Other platforms give you an “or” and Amobee gives you an “and.” The ability to connect broadcast/linear TV and CTV and social and digital with extraordinarily rich data and business intelligence on a simple-to-use platform is exactly what the industry is hungry for right now. Amobee’s TV-digital capabilities are uniquely unmatched by any other company in the space. While other platforms only focus on CTV and digital, I’m glad I’ve joined a company that recognizes the importance of planning and allocation across all channels — including broadcast and social — as critical to driving better business outcomes.

What are some of the key attributes for successful leadership in times of great uncertainty and economic volatility?

Listening, empathy, fact-based communication, over-servicing clients, providing business-outcome solutions, humility, candor, adaptability, calmness, and whenever appropriate, humor.

With a long history of transforming large and small organizations, what does it mean to be a self-described leader who is comfortable with blank spaces and change?

The blank spaces refer to two things. One: To quote Wayne Gretzky, I love skating to where the puck is going. While this has sometimes gotten me into trouble, I always focus on being the most innovative company by solving “what’s next” questions for our clients. Two: I love puzzles and simplifying complexity, as well as driving growth by strategically arranging the “toys in our toybox” to weaponize our assets and capabilities in a bold and differentiated way.  

What are some of the biggest transformations you see happening in the TV broadcast industry?

The thing that both the buy and sell side desperately need in order to have win-win outcomes is the ability to target strategic audiences in a new, more flexible Upfront reservation paradigm that delivers audiences at scale. Broadcasters increase the value of their portfolio yield by managing it with audiences, and I believe advertisers will be okay to bear higher CPMs as long as they’re getting the audience they want with less waste in their plan and deduplicated incremental reach, which is efficient for their portfolio. As broadcaster footprints increasingly become streaming/over-the-top, audience yield for Upfronts becomes more real-time and more efficient, driving better outcomes for all participants.

How do you see a company like Amobee helping to redefine the intersection of technology and advertising?

The advertising industry is eager for game-changing, transformative technology solutions that can accelerate growth, while improving efficiencies to drive better business outcomes. Amobee uniquely helps advertisers, agencies, and media owners optimize investment and yield across linear TV, CTV, digital, and social. In many ways, Amobee is an 18-month-old company given the acquisitions from 2017 and in late 2018. I am SO proud of what our technology does today, and even more proud of the problems we are uniquely solving for the industry for tomorrow.

What are three things that describe your management style?

Authentic, purpose-driven, problem solver. 

On Twitter, you call yourself a proud dad, partner, dog lover, media/ad-tech guy, theatre nerd, travel lover. What are a few key life-work balance credos that keep you healthy and productive?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s an early Spanish proverb and also a quote I love from the movie, “The Shining.”

Favorite shelter-in-place indulgence?

Sadly, WAY too much ice cream every night. #DadBod

What book transformed how you think about business and success?

Three actually. 1) Orbiting The Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving With Grace by Gordon MacKenzie  2) Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan 3) The First 90-Days by Michael Watkins. 


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