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Amobee to present DMP Tutorial at prestigious 2018 Web Conference

Amobee’s “Data Management Platforms for Digital Advertising” tutorial has been selected by the The Web Conference, formerly WWW Conference, for a tutorial track at the 2018 conference. The tutorial was developed by Dr. Hazem Elmeleegy, the software architect of Amobee’s Data Management Platform, and Santanu Kolay, Amobee’s SVP of Engineering. During the half-day allotted for this tutorial, Elmeleegy and Kolay will delve into the role that data plays in the digital advertising landscape and offer a detailed explanation of the challenges associated with building a data management platform.

The tutorial puts digital advertising in an entirely new light, positioning its use of data as one of the earliest real-world applications of big data. The role of a DMP in digital advertising, according to Elmeleegy and Kolay, is to seamlessly collect, integrate, and synthesize massive amounts of data to make advertising campaigns as effective as possible. In order to do this, internet-scale analytics need to be conducted and tracked constantly.

The detailed information being presented in this tutorial is expected to draw a large audience at the Web Conference, an international event that hosts over 2500 attendees from over 60 countries. The 2018 conference will be held April 23-27 in Lyon, France and focus on Web technologies, standards, and practices. As a top conference for data science, the Web Conference only accepted 17% of the papers submitted last year.

“We are both honored and excited that our tutorial was selected to be featured at the Web Conference,” said Dr. Hazem Elmeleegy. “The challenges and breakthroughs we encountered when creating Amobee’s Data Management Platform are something that we want to share with the technology community to help facilitate learning and growth as an industry.”

Those interested in attending Amobee’s tutorial can register to attend by visiting the Web Conference website