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Connecting the Dots Between TV and Digital

by Michael McNulty, September 08, 2020
connecting tv and digital

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional TV is still the most effective when it comes to rapidly building reach.
  • The challenges of TV quickly materialize when reach and scale plateau. 
  • Marketers need to unify how they plan, activate, and measure their linear TV and digital investments together.

The future of advertising rests in the hands of harnessing the reach and scale of traditional TV with the addressability and control of digital. But to achieve this, marketers require the technology to measure TV and digital together for more precise planning and targeting. This will give them the assurance that all budget dollars across all their advertising efforts reach the right audiences, without overlap.

In today’s ad tech landscape, buzzwords like omnichannel are frequently used to suggest capabilities around connected TV (CTV) and digital, leaving linear TV absent. But the reality is that very few technology companies can effectively leverage TV and digital data to inform strategy, enrich audience targeting capabilities, and provide cross-channel TV-digital convergence.

Breaking through TV-digital silos

While many industry leaders have predicted shifts in the hierarchy of linear TV and subscription-based cable models, out of all the channels, traditional TV is still the most effective when it comes to rapidly building reach. 

“The ability to effectively understand, reach, and measure audiences across the TV and digital landscape is key for truly converged advertising, and, until now, has not been possible in the industry.”

Corey Tolbert, Vice President of Programmatic at Horizon Media

However, the persistent challenges of TV quickly materialize when reach and scale plateau. Around two-thirds of the way through a TV campaign, the ability to increase reach gives way to increased frequency, flooding heavy TV viewers with nearly 80% of a campaign’s TV impressions and only exposing around 70% of any given strategic audience to your content. 

Marketers need to deploy more effective cross-channel campaigns that identify and activate against these harder-to-reach audiences, making it easier to create CTV and digital media campaigns that complement their linear TV strategy and result in more meaningful business outcomes.

According to Corey Tolbert, Vice President of Programmatic at Horizon Media, the ability to effectively reach and measure audiences across the TV and digital landscape is key for truly converged advertising, and until now, it has not been possible in the industry.

Horizon and technology partner IRI worked with a national alcohol brand to achieve 65+ reach unique to digital by closing the gap between TV and digital audiences with Amobee’s TV Amplifier solution, which resulted in decreased waste and a greater volume of product moving off shelves. Amobee’s custom-curated TV Amplifier audiences increased frequency in younger targets that were lightly exposed to linear TV views and resulted in the highest overall ROI and volume among all the CPG brand’s digital tactics.

Making convergence simple and real

With a long history of digital experience and acquired knowledge of the linear TV landscape, Amobee has engineered one-of-a-kind solutions like TV Amplifier that enable marketers to confidently plan, activate, and measure TV and digital investments together. 

In one converged platform, understand and optimize against the networks and shows that consumers are watching, the commercials they’re exposed to, and the content viewed in CTV, social, and digital environments. Explore a multitude of converged solutions ranging from AlwaysOn available segments to customized targeting solutions for both managed and self-service clients.

Get in touch with us today at to learn more about TV Amplifier, and download our guide on “5 Ways to Combat Fragmenting TV Audiences.


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