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Future-Proof Your Consumer Data Strategy: A Framework for 2021 and Beyond

The cookie’s death might be postponed for now, but the world’s savviest brands and agencies know that future-proofing their consumer identity strategy is still necessary. Advertisers today live and die by how well they know and understand their customers. For the brands that get consumer identity right, it will be a major competitive advantage.

Get actionable insights of what will be necessary to create a future-proof consumer identity strategy from guest speaker Joanna O’Connell, Forrester principal analyst, MolsonCoors marketing data strategy lead Megan Sullivan and Amobee chief strategy officer Philip Smolin.


  • Why it is incredibly important to define and build a purpose-built identity solution for advertisers
  • How a massive CPG brand has taken control of its data to future-proof against the loss of cookies and mobile IDs
  • How brands can look beyond the walled gardens for a true holistic approach for identity with data-driven media buying across digital direct and programmatic

Future-Proof Your Consumer Data Strategy

CPG, Analytics, Branding, Performance, Video, Viewability, Case Study


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