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5 Tips From Disney, Univision, Molson Coors, Publicis, and A&E on the Rapidly Converging TV, Video Marketplace

by Amobee, May 06, 2021
tips on the converging tv video marketplace

Heading into the Upfronts and whatever challenges you’re facing this TV-buying season, here are some tips and insights from our recent Beet.TV Leadership Series on optimizing a rapidly converging TV and video marketplace. 

1. Unifying audiences across all screens and channel partners is key to being able to optimize engagement and show ad buyers proof of effectiveness.

“Reach is important in selling products and services, which is what our clients want to do every day. But reach is different today. At Hulu, we see 92 million connected viewers every month on the ad-supported side. It’s less about ‘How do I engage the 92 million?’ It’s ‘How do I understand those audience sets? What types of segmentation can I take advantage of on a platform like Hulu?” Lisa Valentino, Executive Vice President, Client Solutions & Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising Sales. See the full video here.

2. The Upfronts is now about integrating data-driven, linear-aware solutions that drive cross-screen ad performance and business growth. 

“Use of data, technology and analytics, and how we’re structuring yields is changing the way that we all do business. Every single market is under pressure to make the best use of their marketing dollars. Optimization is one of the most powerful tools to ensure that.” Dan Aversano, senior vice president of data, analytics and advanced advertising at Spanish-language broadcaster Univision. See the full video here.

3. The age of consumer privacy is inspiring brands to find new ways to leverage their own data pool and engage 1:1 with customers and prospects.

“We are implementing first-party data solutions where we can, really ramping up our ability to have a view of consumers that have ‘raised their hand,’ that want to know about our brand. We want to make sure our brands are showing up in a way that can create engagement.” Brad Feinberg, North America Vice President of Media and Consumer Engagement, Molson Coors. See the full video here.

4. Connected TV and the ability to target more effectively with data and measurement solutions is evolving this year’s buyer-seller deal structures.

“We’re trying to build brands, we’re trying to build reach. We’re trying to find specific audiences and drive specific outcomes, and the ability through our own technology and through third-party technology to be able to activate CTV in that manner is something that we’re trying to bring into the conversation more this year than we have in the past.” Neil Vendetti, President of US investment at Publicis Groupe’s Zenith. See the full video here.

5. TV viewing habits are undergoing a significant shift as younger consumers gravitate to digital platforms and older generations show greater loyalty to linear TV. 

“Those three things are creating very different dialogue depending on who you’re talking to, and putting it together is an interesting project…Bringing it back to a media plan and bringing it back to single-source measurement is very frustrating to people. We’re looking for companies like Amobee to help unite the industry, for the lack of a better word.” Peter Olsen, Executive Vice President of Ad Sales and Content Partnerships at A+E Networks. See the full video here.

For more interviews in our Beet.TV Leadership Series, please watch here.


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