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Amobee Continues as Industry Leader in Fraud Prevention with Google Study on Ads.Txt

by Amobee Brand, December 12, 2017

Continuing to set the industry standard for fraud prevention, Amobee has partnered with Google for a breakthrough inventory study aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of ensuring a safe, transparent buying ecosystem. Google’s study, which focuses on counterfeit inventory, reveals important information for marketers about limiting fraud exposure and promotes IAB Tech Labs’ ads.txt initiative as an important solution. Among the first DSPs to implement ads.txt on November 13th, Amobee encourages all digital advertising ecosystem partners to follow suit and implement this key industry initiative.

Ads.txt refers to the inventory authenticity measure that encourages publishers to publicly display authorized resellers of their digital inventory. This simple step allows marketers to verify the inventory they are purchasing is authentic and represents a continued commitment to digital advertising transparency and fraud prevention.

Partnering with Amobee, Google was able to assess the quality of programmatic inventory being offered by publisher and results revealed potential exposure to counterfeit inventory across display and video. Amobee’s robust brand safety offering, paired with the implementation of ads.txt effectively blocks counterfeit inventory, ensuring brands and agencies have access to the highest quality impressions available.

“Google’s study highlights the importance of ads.txt and creating a transparent buying ecosystem,” said Kim Perell, Amobee CEO. “Amobee is an active supporter of the ads.txt initiative, and committed to providing brands and agencies with high quality, authorized inventory.”

“As the programmatic ecosystem continues to expand with new partners enabling access to additional supply, it’s important that publishers and technology platforms adopt ads.txt to ensure we have a single source of truth to purchase only authorized inventory,” said Julius Ramirez, Amobee Vice President of Global Business Development. “Ads.txt is a great step forward towards eliminating fraudulent inventory, and we encourage other industry participants to adopt ads.txt as well.”

Amobee will continue to be an active proponent of quality and brand safety and work with ecosystem partners towards a common goal of industry transparency and accountability. Amobee’s recently launched Inventory Accountability Program encourages partners to come together and pledge a commitment to fraud prevention and quality inventory.



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