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Amobee Launches ads.txt Across Platform

On November 13th, Amobee became one of the the first DSPs to implement the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) ads.txt initiative. The implementation of ads.txt across the Amobee Marketing Platform signifies the latest evolution of Amobee’s long-term commitment to be a consistent leader in digital advertising transparency and fraud prevention, providing brands and agencies with access to the highest quality inventory available.

The ads.txt initiative is an important effort in improving the media supply chain, allowing marketers to buy confidently with Amobee, knowing their programmatic media investments are secure. Amobee is committed to blocking unauthorized traffic and providing industry-leading transparency to create a brand-safe and fraud-free digital advertising ecosystem.

IAB’s ads.txt initiative helps mitigate inventory fraud concerns and allows marketers to focus on creating compelling campaigns that resonate with their target audiences. Ads.txt allows the verification of  inventory authenticity by encouraging publishers to publicly display authorized vendors of their digital inventory. Publishers simply add an ads.txt file to their website, which marketers can then access to verify authorized resellers of their ad space. It’s win-win-win: marketers can verify authorized resellers, DSPs build client trust from increased transparency, and publishers are able to clearly dictate who has access to their inventory.

Amobee’s clients will continue to benefit from existing and upcoming brand safety and fraud prevention measures integrated directly into the Amobee Marketing Platform, offering industry leading fraud protection at no additional cost.