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Connecting With Consumers in a Cookieless World

by Amobee, January 29, 2020
connecting with customers in a cookieless world

While 2019 was the year of consumer privacy awareness, 2020 is already defining itself as the year of building a safer web as leading ad tech platforms join the industry-wide migration away from reliance on cookies, including browsers like Safari and Firefox, and Google’s recent vow to eliminate third-party cookie support in Chrome by 2022.

The transformation to a cookieless world creates a great opportunity for marketers to not only build new solutions but create ones that are safer for the web and place consumer privacy as a top priority. 

In anticipation of the global decline of third-party cookies, Amobee has been actively preparing for this era of change by developing solutions that are aligned with market standards and privacy regulations.

Finding the way forward in a new era of relevant advertising.

New platform technologies, data strategies, and wider adoption of panel-based measurement continue to empower brands and agencies with innovative ways to connect with the consumers they care about. Here are just some of the many adaptive responses to a cookieless world that we’re seeing: 

  • More advertisers apply their first-party and contextual targeting capabilities, giving them the ability to improve attribution and measurement while remaining privacy-compliant.
  • The building of custom, bespoke segments to help manage cross-screen frequency, maintain share of voice, and reach unexposed viewers. 
  • Increased use of enhanced attribution and panel-based measurement solutions to better determine how campaigns drive brand lift, foot traffic, sales, and cross-screen reach.

Amobee embraces ad-supported content that respects consumer privacy. 

Amobee is committed to consumer choice by building ethical data solutions and honoring opt-out that will ensure the protection of our consumers’ privacy rights with only safe and effective use of data.

Amobee believes the future of precision marketing will be underpinned by a hybrid model that utilizes multiple forms of opt-in user data, which is why we have invested significantly in multiple opt-in panel data strategies (Nielsen Fusion Panel, Inscape Panel, Amobee Brand Intelligence). 

Last year Amobee partnered with LiveRamp to offer a solution that leverages people-based identifiers (deterministic data) to effectively target and measure an in-market audience without the use of third-party cookies. 

This partnership marks a major step forward into this industry-wide shift to a cookie-free web.

For more information on Amobee’s advertising solutions for the converging, cookieless world, please reach out to us at


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