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Going Beyond Table Stakes When Evaluating DMPs

This blog post originally appeared on Turn was acquired by Amobee in April 2017.

Connecting with your customers across all channels is essential if you want to create consistency across the journey. Most data management platforms (DMPs) tick a few boxes when connecting to marketing systems including CRM, email tools, site personalization, or digital advertising execution platforms. When choosing between DMPs, you have to go beyond the basics and ask the right questions.

If any areas in particular are important to your business, they should be priorities when choosing a DMP. Here are a few considerations:

  • Where do you spend the bulk of your budget?

  • Which channels are most important for you to begin with? A CRM system, email or digital advertising?

  • Which area is most important for activation in real-time?

The native connection in digital ad platforms is important so you can reach customers and influence their decisions at the moments that matter the most. The most powerful part is that it’s immediately actionable on the demand side platform (DSP) -- you can build your audiences and activate on them across channels in real-time.

Go further into these considerations when evaluating DMPs, by watching this video.