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Key Questions to Ask Your TV-Digital Measurement Partner

by Jamie McGill, October 08, 2020
Key questions to ask your TV-digital measurement partner during the process

Key Takeaways:

  • Accelerated content consumption during Covid-19 underscores the need for breakthroughs in how the industry measures how, where, and what people watch. 
  • Without reliable measurement, marketers can miss key insights, waste budget on inefficient campaigns, and misattribute performance metrics.  
  • Advanced measurement tools exist today for ambitious marketers to track unduplicated reach & frequency across linear TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile.

The rise in adoption of connected TV (CTV), over-the-top (OTT), and other internet-enabled viewing platforms outside of linear TV has created demand for new ways of tracking and measuring campaign exposure, regardless of medium. 

While many falsely assume that the technology for converged measurement is not there yet, tools do exist today for ambitious marketers who are looking to take campaign performance to the next level and bridge the gap between siloed media channels.

Without reliable measurement, marketers can miss key insights, waste budget on inefficient campaigns, and misattribute performance metrics, skewing their understanding of what’s really moving the needle—which has never been more important than in the age of Covid as cross-channel content consumption hits new records. 

A true converged measurement approach allows marketers to see beyond the sum of a campaign’s respective media channels and gain insight from a bigger picture otherwise unavailable to them. 

Here are key questions to ask your measurement partner about their solution:

  • Can this measurement solution identify cross-screen overlap?
  • Can it track unduplicated reach and frequency across linear and digital?
  • Can it track actions or conversions and be leveraged during a campaign to allow for in-flight optimization?
  • Do you have prior use cases or success stories (with statistics) that showcase the tangible value to be had from leveraging your converged measurement solution?
  • Can this solution also be leveraged by broadcasters to showcase the value of their cross-screen inventory?
  • If the answer to any of these is no, then steer clear.    
  • And finally, ensure that a prospective partner for an advanced measurement solution can describe what they do succinctly and without an alphabet soup of acronyms or “caveats.”

Benefits of true converged measurement

In the age of Covid, it’s important for advertisers, agencies, and broadcasters to take a closer look at their multichannel investments and inventory through a converged lens in order to reap the greatest possible value from their media activations. 

Holistic analytics that leverage common metrics across screens enable the next generation of multi-channel investment decisioning by enhancing reach by platform, managing holistic frequency, and optimizing toward online conversions or offline actions in a platform agnostic manner.   

Amobee’s 4Screen is the first-ever report to provide unified insights across TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile, enabling advertisers to increase investment efficiency, reduce cross-screen overlap, and drive incremental reach.

Contact Amobee today at to unlock the power of converged measurement with Amobee 4Screen. For a real-world example of how 4Screen can improve campaign results and reduce waste, please read our 4Screen report on measuring TV,  CTV, desktop, and mobile, or reference the Amobee 4Screen product sheet.


About Amobee

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