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Late at Night, on an iPhone: Where to Find Luxury Customers

by Amobee Brand, April 14, 2016

[Download a great case study for all the details on this campaign]

As any brand knows, standing out in an overcrowded retail market during the holiday season is both critical and incredibly difficult. However, a leading luxury brand we work with found a winter marketing mix that worked wonders, stirring up a 171% increase in revenue through a unique combination of audience data and super-optimized device-targeting strategies. Among the insights that drove success: finding that the brand’s core converters engaged with media in the late evening, and generally on an Apple device, as opposed to on Android.

Leveraging data, this global retail brand not only heightened brand awareness, it created significant increases in ROI, and acquired key customer insights now fueling its strategies. And, as the examples that follow illustrate, a strategy like this one can work for your brand as well.

One key element of this data-driven effort involved focusing on holiday season recipients, not just buyers, in the campaign.

In the program’s first phase, the brand pushed rich media to premium sites and leveraged key titles with video and high impact display-ad formats that emphasized core emotional assets. The message focused on building recipients’ desire for specific items. The goal was to amass user engagement with outreach that triggered customers searching for inspiration around holiday gifts.

The data gathered during the early part of campaign fueled phase two, where we drove sales by re-engaging customers based on their activity in phase one.

  • The brand retargeted its display inventory across devices, reaching customers with dynamic creative messaging based on prior interest. This drove conversions by putting the right offers in front of the purchaser at the right time, and optimized this towards the combination of devices and operating systems which showed the highest conversion rates.
  • The retailer also led with creative assets that connected its offerings in concrete ways to seasonal gifting. This drove strong revenue by emphasizing the right product at the right time.

Campaign Success: Bolstering Outcomes with Audience-led Data Research

The luxury brand’s campaign succeeded on multiple levels, and it also generated incredibly valuable insights to drive strategies year round.

  • The brand saw a 29% year-over-year increase in global ROI.
  • Global revenue rose 171% year-over-year as a result of the campaign.
  • Customer actions during the campaign jumped 271% year-over-year.

In the realm of immediately actionable insights:

  •  The data showed customers moving from desktop to mobile/tablet in the evening.
  • Compared with an average user, customers browsed far less during the morning (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.).
  • The data also showed users tended to consume media later into the evening (10 p.m. to 1 a.m.).
  • There was also strong brand affinity with Apple products, with Mac users 6x more likely to convert than Windows users, and IOS users 7x more likely to convert than those with Android phones.

By changing their device mix – i.e. targeting mobile, tablet, and desktop during the relevant day-parts – the retailer not only changed its media buying but its messaging as well. Refocusing on branding via mobile in the evening, and aligning messaging with performance in the afternoon, when desktops dominated users’ attention.

Moving into the following year, insights from the campaign have helped the brand leverage cross-device targeting and further improve its sequencing of messaging.

As you strategize your own next program, aggregate, analyze, and employ data and research to shape and amplify your approach. The patterns and insight you uncover will put the power of immediate action in your hands, fueling new and stronger campaigns every season, all year round. You can find more info on the campaign above here.


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