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Report: 2015 Year in Review

by Amobee, March 08, 2016

2015 was the year that brought us #LeftShark, countless Hotline Bling parodies, and the emergence of DJ Khaled as the premier life coach on social media. But, in between these viral moments, people spent time reading, watching, searching, and posting about their everyday interests, including movies, cars, sports, and politics.  Understanding people’s interests and concerns helps marketers connect with them more effectively and efficiently, which is why it’s important to look beyond social media soundbites, and instead, look at the full picture of digital engagement.

Collecting and analyzing data from mobile, video, social, and web, Amobee’s Brand Intelligence platform uncovers topics, people, and events that captured the public’s attention in 2015. The attached report contains an analysis of key moments, events, and celebrities from the entertainment, automotive, sports, and politics verticals. In addition to the analysis by category, there is an exploration of key audiences, including millennials, tech setters, and new parents, and a look at what mattered to them in 2015.

Download a copy of the report.

Key takeaways include:

  • Personal vs. Professional Popularity
    • For stars in entertainment and athletics, attracting attention related to personal issues is likely to be perceived negatively. However, a mixed off-screen (or off the field) reputation doesn’t impact overall popularity, as demonstrated by continued high engagement with the NFL, and movies with controversial stars.
  • Afterglow is just as important as anticipation
    • When planning marketing around a major event, many brands focus on the period before the event officially kicks off. But online engagement typically remains high for days – and even weeks – afterwards, presenting a great opportunity to reach an alert audience.
  • Your audiences are not as distinct as you think
    • New parents read about more than just cribs, and Techies closely follow the Presidential primaries. Nuanced audience analysis is required to reach your customers where they actually are, and not just where you think they’ll be.

Insights about the year’s most influential moments allow brands to better understand their audiences, and when applied on Amobee’s cross channel media platform, reach these audiences and improve campaign performance. To learn more about how to use Brand Intelligence to improve your upcoming initiatives, contact us at


About Amobee

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