Amobee & Instagram Stories:
Reach Your Audience with Immersive Mobile Video

With the global launch of Instagram Stories, Amobee will provide advertisers with first-to-market opportunities to leverage full-screen vertical video on the Instagram platform. Ads in Stories is part of Amobee’s world-class suite of high impact mobile, social and video solutions, including ads API access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

There are now over 150 million people using Instagram Stories every day, with over one-third of the most viewed stories coming from brands.

  • 1 in 5 Stories on Instagram gets a direct message from its viewers
  • 25% of stories videos are Boomerangs
  • 70% of stories video views are played sound-on

Source: Instagram Internal Data, January 2017

These new video ad formats will be offered by Amobee and provide brands with the opportunity to expand their digital video and mobile strategy by appearing between user stories.

Advertisers will be able to reach users on Instagram with inspiring, relevant photos or up to 15-sec full-screen video, and over time leverage Instagram Stories for full-funnel objectives as part of a cross channel campaign.

The Instagram Stories format will complement a brand’s organic and paid content, and a great way to increase awareness among an engaged audience around a limited time opportunity (seasonal, sales), product inspiration, discovery about a product or launch of a product, exclusive experiences, promotions, how-to’s, and behind the scenes, to name a few.

Amobee is uniquely positioned as an ads API partner because of our integration with the Instagram platform and ability to leverage our Brand Intelligence technology to inform creative development, audience targeting strategy and execution as well as campaign optimization.

With the rising popularity of vertical video, Instagram Stories will provide audiences with an even greater opportunity to interact with other users on the platform, including brands, utilizing features to customize their video experience for the most effective impact.

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