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Future Proofing Your Identity Solution

by Subhag Oak, June 06, 2022
Future Proofing Your Identity Solution

The future of advertising demands a more open, flexible, and interoperable approach to identity. Industry and regulatory shifts have given rise to a new generation of identity solutions that aim to solve for the growing complexities of targeted advertising. Therefore, understanding what audience strategy to deploy requires a technology platform that is compatible with today’s leading identity providers.

As the access to third party data becomes more regulated, advertisers need to invest in technology that brings data-driven intelligence about their customers from multiple sources in a deduplicated but unified form. The right balance of proprietary and curated data solutions can help brands unify disparate data sources from digital and linear formats to surface data-driven actionable insights for building custom personas and lookalike audiences that can be activated and tested through contextual targeting to reach more incremental consumers. 

Advertisers can take this a step further with a converged panel strategy to inform a higher level of investment decision-making. By converging audience and consumer panels, advertisers can make decisions on how media should be divided between linear and digital. These decisions can be about anything from what publisher mix delivers the most effective & incremental reach, to what combination or rate of cross-screen exposure drives the highest online and/or offline actions. Today it’s nearly impossible to develop a complete view of a consumer journey due to their fluidity across screens which is further aggravated by the walled gardens across the media ecosystem. Yet with the right technology, advertisers can conduct multi-panel analyses to achieve a standardized, holistic view of cross-screen exposure and activate in a manner where media buys are aware of each other and not operating in silos. The result is highly diverse use cases with significant scale. Advertisers can optimize for reach, frequency, or any other number of metrics across audiences and screens, in the most efficient manner possible.

Like the need for a multi-panel approach to campaign analysis, the future also demands a hybrid-identity (consisting of deterministic, probabilistic, and modeled identities) approach. Having technology that is compatible with today’s leading identity providers is crucial to building the right audience strategies and being able to continually test and optimize targeting tactics. 

Amobee envisions a future where advertisers can allocate, deploy, and analyze audiences across all forms of TV and the open web holistically; versus a siloed approach. Arguably, the ability to conduct advanced analytics in-platform is the best way to surface valuable insights so that brands can quickly ramp to a cookieless future. When comparing analytics solutions in the marketplace, advertisers should seek advertising technology platforms that are interoperable with multiple currencies, panels, and identities – and feature an advanced reporting suite that meets the needs of your cross-screen investment strategies.

For more tips and insights on preparing for the future of advanced analytics, explore Amobee’s Analytics Playbook and Data Playbook.


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