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Unlock the Precision of CTV By Unifying Audiences

by Amobee, March 18, 2021
unify audiences by unlocking ctv

Key Takeaways:

  • There are three foundational steps on using data-driven technology to harness the power of TV buying in all its forms. 
  • Learn how to unify your audience investments to optimize results and drive growth. 
  • Download our Ambitious Marketers’ Guide to Television to learn more about increasing control and flexibility over your media portfolio.

The start of the Upfronts means it’s back to school for grownups with a new media budget and a big set of new challenges you need to figure out. Covid’s impact on advertisers highlighted that there are no longer divisions between linear TV and CTV households, and only through the unification of audiences can you unlock greater flexibility for buying the very best of TV in all its forms.

The good news is, with today’s advanced TV targeting, you can have your cake and eat it too. That means centering campaigns around audience targets instead of certain types of programming and combining the scale and reach of linear TV with the targeting precision of CTV. Unifying audiences makes it faster and easier to optimize across all networks and formats for better results with less duplication. 

“At UM, we see the future of advertising as being a total video planning optimization platform with granular reporting by partner, network, (and program) that can show how we deliver optimal reach within and across partners.” — Eileen Kiernan, Global CEO, UM Worldwide

But going from planning and buying based on age and gender to strategic target audiences is easier said than done. Working with broadcasters, media companies, and programmatic partners to purchase in a reserved or bidded fashion across a range of formats and targeting methodologies can feel like a 3D chess game. It takes more than just good faith and a little skill to win.

Even more challenging, traditional TV and CTV are still packaged together but executed separately, leaving TV investors unable to maximize the incremental value of their strategic investments across all buy types. 

Advertiser Perceptions and Amobee found that one of the biggest challenges marketers face is making the most of CTV/OTT inventory (47%), and more than half (54%) want to make sure their digital campaigns are informed and complementary to linear TV and direct-sold campaigns so they can optimize reach and frequency.

Heading into this year’s Upfronts, buyers and sellers need to understand the unique strengths of different linear TV, CTV, and digital channels and how data-informed campaigns can work in tandem to ignite performance across the entire spectrum of inventory. 

Data-driven technology enables you to understand the historical performance of your strategy across all broadcast partners for a clearer picture of where you can layer linear TV investments with Tier 1 direct-sold and programmatic in a way that is complementary, not duplicative.

At the end of the day, flexibility and transparency across all media is key to superior portfolio management. Only when you have X-ray vision into the Tier 1 broadcaster inventory that you already purchasedand can see where and how your audience consumes contentwill you gain greater insight into how to best execute your fluidity and linear extension budgets.

Unifying audiences is the first step to being able to measure and optimize toward more outcomes-based marketing across all your buying strategies, not just within the silo of a single broadcaster or media company. The secret is that the most advanced advertisers are already doing this.

Learn more about increasing control and flexibility over your media portfolio from our Ambitious Marketers’ Guide to Television, and contact us today to get started at


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