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Expert Advice: Data Management And Activation

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Learn from the data experts, technology implementation specialists and those who work with industry leading data-driven marketers to avoid common mistakes, focus on what matters and empower your organization reap the benefits of being data-driven.

2017 Agency Survey

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Research from Turn Marketing Platform found a generational gap among agency executives on their perspectives on video advertising.

2016 Agency Survey

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Data insights make relevant, personalized advertising possible. Research from Turn found that insights gained from programmatic aren’t being fully taken advantage of to inform advertising creative.

Dynamic Creative: Its Value and How it Works

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Data driven marketing has opened the floodgates for marketers to learn more about their customers and create discrete audience segments. Dynamic Creative enables advertisers to activate their campaign strategies with data-driven precision. Learn more in these videos featuring Lori Gubin, Director of Product Marketing at Turn.

How to Achieve Unprecedented Marketing Success

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Collaborative partnerships and programmatic technology are powering better consumer experiences and unprecedented marketing success. Learn how industry-leading brands are gaining a competitive advantage with their approach to collaboration.